The radiopharmaceutical chemistry section contributes to the bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the faculty of exact sciences by a 3 CTSE course ‘radiopharmaceutical chemistry’ since 2009.

In addition contributions are made to several other courses within different curricula. Within the masters of the medical faculty contribution is made to the course ‘Functional Brain Imaging’. On average 1-2 master student and/or research technician interns are present at the lab.

Radiation safety level 5B course

Working with radioactivity requires special training. Such a training is offered at the Radionuclide Center on a regular basis. The training is at the 5B level and is acknowledged by the national government. Two times a year the Radionuclide course students can participate in the national exam level 5B. The course takes one workweek and is meant as a basic training. It is about 60% theory and 40% practical training. The selection of the experiments is based on the teaching of basic techniques, the introduction and handling of a variety of detection devices and on the learning of how to interprete the data obtained. Student can get more info at the head of radiation safety, Gertrud Warmerdam, email see below at contacts. For course enrollment students have to fill in a form which can be obtained at the Radionuclide Center. The minimum number of students is 8, the maximum is 12.

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Course dates in 2017

 date:  course nr:  remark:
 February 13-17  R1  reserve
 March 13-17  17/1  english
 April 03-07  R2  reserve
 May 08-12  17/2  NL/ENG
 September 11-25  17/3  NL/ENG
 October 09-13  R3  reserve
 November 13-17  17/4  english